What is Meta Coaching?

What is Meta Coaching? What is the difference in the knowledge and skills of Meta Coaches for the clients? Would a Meta Coach makes a difference in your choice of coach?What is Coaching?
Coaching is the mobilizing of a client’s resources to an agreed outcome that unleashes the talents, passions, and potentials of that client so that he or she can experience more, be more, know and feel more, do more, contribute more, and have more. Coaching is a very focused conversation that primarily uses questions and meta-questions to get to the heart of things and facilitate change and transformation. Coaching is about the transformation of performance, beliefs and values, meanings and directions and so is about performance change, evolutionary change, and revolutionary change.

What is Meta-Coaching?
Coaching is Les meilleures machines a sous des casinos vous pouvez envisager d’utiliser un couple de s. by its very nature a field or discipline that works at a higher or meta position to the client and the client’s experience. As a sports coach does not have to All captured in High definition, this is one game of you can really get stuck into! 3D-Glasses NOT required. be an expert in the sport himself, he or she does  have to know how to get the best out of the player. A meta-coach is an expert  is structure and process rather than in content.  The client is his or her own best expert in content.
The Meta-Coach knows how people function and operate and is guided by the six models of communication, change, reflexivity, implementation, systems, and self-actualization.  With that meta-knowledge and meta-skill, the meta-coach is skilled in getting the best out of the client.Are you ready for change? Are  you ready to experience more, be more, do more and have more? Are you ready for a performance change, evolutionary (developmental) change or revolutionary (transformational) change? Are you ready to unlock and unleash your potential?If you are ready, contact us at michael@uuypmetacoachingsingapore.com.